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Sunny [userpic]
by Sunny (longtailspotted)
at April 17th, 2006 (01:15 pm)

Hi everyone I'm working my way back online. See you soon.

Call healing...
by Tepin Chee (tepin_n_nelli)
at February 24th, 2006 (09:49 pm)

Little Andrew entered the world Monday during a hard and long delivery (20 hrs). The 9 lbs 1 oz little boy aspirated meconium and is still in NICU connected to a high-frequency oscillation ventilator so that he can breath air enrighed with 99% oxygen. They are slowly degressing the percentage down to a more normal rate. Please share your engergy and love with Andrew, and his parents Rachel and David.

maya_garou [userpic]
Is anybody out there?
by maya_garou (maya_garou)
at February 8th, 2006 (11:35 am)

current mood: creative


Are there any other players in Sal's night meeting thread (or any other threads, for that matter) still around?

LJ's been kind of weird about e-mail updates for posts to comment threads, so you might want to check back and look to see if any of the threads your character is in have responses to them.

The Geek Queen [userpic]
GM absence
by The Geek Queen (thegamemistress)
at February 2nd, 2006 (06:05 pm)

I have family visiting this weekend, so I may be incommunicado from early Friday afternoon until sometime Sunday evening. Apologies!

x-posted: fairgrove_ooc

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod [userpic]
Upcoming holidays
by Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod (emerald_mod)
at January 29th, 2006 (04:40 pm)

current mood: festive

The following is a list of Japanese holidays in February:

  • February 3 - Setsubun, or Beginning of spring (not a national holiday).
  • February 11 - National Foundation Day. "According to the earliest Japanese history books, on this day in the year 660 BC, the first Japanese emperor was crowned."
  • February 14 - Valentine's Day. "In Japan, women give chocolates to men on Valentine's Day. It is not a national holiday. Please visit this page for a survey and more information about Valentine's Day."

(Information taken from this site.)

sal_ferrari [userpic]
For new and old characters
by sal_ferrari (sal_ferrari)
at January 15th, 2006 (12:55 pm)

If your character isn't going to make it to the midnight meeting, please add an OOC message to the thread. My character will wait until everyone is assembled, so I need to know who will be a no show. That way I'm not waiting on you.

New players, I don't mean to exclude you. If you somehow get your true nature known to us oldies, they can invite you in. That's why I made it a mid-month meeting.

The Geek Queen [userpic]
To Nose-in-Something & Lily
by The Geek Queen (thegamemistress)
at January 13th, 2006 (08:25 am)

Kentaro's latest reponse on this thread is here. Things were getting a little squished, so I started a new line of comments.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod [userpic]
State of the game update
by Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod (emerald_mod)
at January 11th, 2006 (05:04 pm)

New players - there is a post for you to introduce your characters to the established PCs here.

seekselsewhere and whowalksalone have had to withdraw from the game. ICly, I'm going to say that Terry and Myca were called home on urgent family business over winter vacation.

In answer to longtailspotted's question, yes, it is January IC.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod [userpic]
Roll call?
by Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod (emerald_mod)
at January 9th, 2006 (07:16 am)

current mood: curious

I know it's been a while (and I apologize for that; family and holiday stuff really socked me), so maybe it would be a good idea to take stock of who's here.

If you're still able to play, please comment on this entry.

noseinsomething [userpic]
Could I get a few rolls please?
by noseinsomething (noseinsomething)
at January 1st, 2006 (07:26 pm)

I just realized that there should probably be a roll on this to see:

a) how helpful the comic will be (Nose-in's Inteligence - Analytical 5 + Expression 2)

b) and how entertaining the comic is (Nose-in's Charisma or Wits (both 3) + Expression (2) for the story, + David's Charisma or Wits + either Expression or Art or Crafts, depending on what values you want to use for the art work.)

I don't have stats for David, 'cause I didn't think he'd show up in any roll-meaningful way. Do you want me to stat him up?

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